I really miss my baby. These are photos of her the last time I saw her (you can tell I was crying in the pictures), she was sick.

This is Turniphead. She was 8 years old. She’s a female Muscovy duck. As a baby, something picked her up and bit her in the head, and pierced her eyes out. My dad found her outside on our farm when we were on our way to vacation to Chicago, so we picked her up and snuck her into our super classy hotel obviously. I put her in my coat pocket and acted natural. We kept her in a shoe box and had food and water for her (we know how to care for ducks, we raise them) and then brought her home after the vacation. She brought so much light and joy into our house it was unbearable. Even though she couldn’t see, she was happy. She drank her food and water, and listened to EVERYTHING intently. 

Her favorite thing was singing.

Since I was the one around her the most, my voice was her favorite, even though it wasn’t that good. When she heard me get up in the morning she’d be more active. Because she couldn’t see, she couldn’t stay with the other ducks, so we kept her in a large pen type of cage in the house. 

Her favorite song was “Not While I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd. I would pick her up and sing it to her and she would wiggle her tail in delight.

RIP Turniphead.

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